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Portugese 4x4: UMM

Here's a small collection of photos I took of UMMs while on a conference trip to Portugal 29th September to 6th October, 2002. Below the photos you'll find a brief technical overview.

All photos (c)2003 by Th.Ulich. All rights reserved.






The UMM is derived from a from a French design called "Cournil." It was developed by a farmer who recognised the need for an all purpose vehicle. Many UMMs are in use by communal services as well as by police, fire brigade, and military in Spain, Portugal, and France. The model on the photos is called ALTER (or ALTER II).


Engines: 2l Petrol, 2.5l diesel, or 2.5l turbodiesel by Peugeot.

Transmission: Rear wheel drive with optional front wheel drive, 5 speed gear box, 2 speed transfer box. Limited slip differential in rear axle, freewheel hubs in front. Tyres 205R16.

Dimensions: 2 wheelbases - 100" (2540 mm) and 120" (3048 mm), overall length 4140 mm or 4860 mm, respectively. Width 1690 mm, height 1955 mm. Turning circle 10.5 m, weight 1610 kg. Ground Clearance 20 cm, approach angle 48°, departure angle 44°, wading depth 50 cm.

Body: Van, estate or softtop. Long wheelbase versions are also offered with a crew cab. The body is made from 2 mm steel welded to the chassis.

Chassis: Ladder frame chassis, welded construction, suspension by longitudinal leaf springs front and rear, anti roll bar. Disc brakes in front, drums in rear, power assisted. Steering: worm and roller, optional power steering. Axles are made by Dana Spicer and are similar to Jeep CJ series.

Performance (2.5l Turbo): Max speed 140 km/h, gradient 45° (100%).

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