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Land Cruiser Photos

Important note: Except if stated otherwise, I reserve the copyright to all photos on these pages as well as all rights to these photos. Any reproduction on other web sites, electronic media, print etc. are strictly prohibited without my consent. This is especially valid for commercial exploits of my intellectual property. However, you are welcome to contact me and ask for permission.

Some Land Cruiser photos are to be collected on this page. They might be from gatherings or maybe some projects going on. A special emphasis is given in Land Cruiser Spotting, i.e. photos of rarely seen vehicles.

  1. 2005-08-13: Due to rust, the roof and more importantly the rear wall of the cabin of my HJ45 needs repair. These parts, however, can easily be removed. Have a look!
  2. 2005-06-17/18: Menhän jänkhän!, an offroad event organised by SLCK. The event was advertised also on the pages of the Norwegian NLCK and two of their members came to Finland to join us in the forest around Raajärvi, somewhere east of Rovaniemi.
  3. 2005-06-04/05: Mauken is a fjell in the province of Troms, Norway. We were able to join the Tromsø Land Rover Club (TLRK) on their run in this fantastic area.
  4. 2004-05-08/09: Lars invited the members of SLCK to a safari on the beautiful Åland islands. The photos prove it: it was a lot of fun!
  5. 2004-04/05: BJ45 conversion; Phil decided that it wasn't worth rebuilding his (t)rusty troop carrier BJ-45LV. Instead, he decided to use the parts of a crashed pickup to convert the BJ-45LV into a BJ-45LP with a very special flat bed. Have a look!
  6. September 2002: Tähtelä Convention; in Tähtelä there are currently six Land Cruisers, which makes this an even nicer place to work at than it is anyway. Recently, we lined them up for some nice pictures: have a look!

Land Cruiser Spotting

  1. BJ-40, 27 years old and brand new!
  2. BJ-75, well preserved in salt-free Lapland!
  3. FJ-55, ex. Kalajoki fire department, found in Kittilä.
  4. HJ-60, beautiful pick-up conversion, spotted in Sodankylä.

Other Rare Vehicles

  1. Portugese 4x4 UMM (Uniao Metalo Mecanica).
  2. International Scout, spotted in Silves, Portugal.

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