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Land Cruisers of Tähtelä

These Land Cruisers can be found in Tähtelä (Sodankylä; 67°22'N, 26°38'E). On 17th September 2002 we decided to line them all up for some nice pictures. In the background you can see Finland's largest antenna, the 32-m dish of the EISCAT radar system. Enjoy!

IMG_4600_1.jpg IMG_4601.JPG IMG_4606.JPG
Tähtelä Cruisers in front of Finland's largest antenna. Owned by (from left): Phil, SGO, Osmo, Osmo, Antero, Thomas. LC convention in front of the EISCAT Station.
IMG_4609_1.jpg IMG_4612_1.jpg
With owners. Cruiser guys (from left): Phil, Osmo, Thomas, Antero.

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