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Testing a Hilux...

Hilux 1
Hilux 2
Hilux 3

The BBC's programme "Top Gear" set out to test how tough the Toyota Hilux is. A battle of Hilux against the English town of Bristol... But I won't tell you too much of it now, you just have to see it with your own eyes!

The story got -- by popular demand -- an own page on the Top Gear server. From there you can even download a great wallpaper with photos from the event for your desktop!

You can view the 15-min footage right from their server as streaming video (.ram):

Update 2004-02-21: It seems that it's not really allowed to damage trees without asking first. While trying to damage the Hilux, the Top Gear Team actually hurt a tree and some people recognised "their" tree on TV. The issue became public; you can read about it on BBC's web pages under the title "BBC stumps up for tree stunt." --- Ooops...

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