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PickupFinally I found what I have been looking for for a long time: a 45 diesel pickup. It is a HJ-45LP-KW of production 11/1979 and registered 6/1980. It is the version with 24V electrical system. It has the newer body style with the square head light bezel and the fuel tank outside. Driven 220.000 km. Fortunately it's completely in original condition including the PTO winch. The frame is largely rust free and so is the body: it has been repaired nicely by some previous owner. The only problems are a small leak in the cylinder head gasket and a wind screen frame, which has huge holes from rust, which are strangely on the inside.

The 45 was owned for four month by Korpivaara Oy, which used to be the importer of Toyota vehicles in Finland. Then it was sold to a construction company in Muurame in October 1980. Apparently the company (or at least the car) was sold within the family in January 1985. In April 1989 it was then sold to another construction company in Uurainen where it stayed until July 2002. After two weeks at a dealership in Jyväskylä, it was bought by the previous owner, a private person from Kintaus, from whom I bought it on 23rd October 2004.

Other 45 pick-ups: Have a look at Phil's troopie converted to a pickup.

2004-10-26: Here are some photos, which were mailed to me by the previous owner before I bought it.

2004-10-29: The Sun came out and on a beautiful winter day I finally got the chance to take some more pictures. The original tools are in place behind the seats and the doors are in excellent condition. The winch is fake thus far, I just put it into place for some pictures. Actually some previous owner didn't take care of its drive shaft and then damaged the worm gear in order to attach the shaft. Now it needs some work in order to get it back to where it should be. The original steel protection for the gear box was provided but not mounted.

2004-12-11/12: Since the 3.6L H engine of the pickup has been leaking oil from the cylinder head gasket, we decided to take care of the problem properly and overhaul the complete top part of the engine. It took two long days and we took lots of photos to document the operation. A very big thank you to Philippe for making this operation possible, and to Mikko and Matti for letting us have their warm garage for the entire weekend.

April 2005: Tightened head bolts and adjusted valves. Replaced all 12 bushings on the rear springs. Replaced inner and outer front-left wheel bearing. Replaced rear stabiliser linkage and one bracket. Passed annual inspection. Oh yeah!

2005-06-04/05: HJ45 wheeling with the Tromsø Land Rover Club (TLRK) on Mauken fjell in Troms, Norway.

2005-06-17/18: The Finnish Land Cruiser Club met in Raajärvi and we had a lot of fun driving the HJ45.

2007-03-31: Taking the 45 off the road for some urgent repairs, whichout which she won't pass the annual inspection anymore. ;-(

2010-12-02: Back on the road again: after a far too long break the old girl is repaired and road-legal again. What a joy to drive. Stay tuned for some updates soon.

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